Sistah Space is run by volunteers.

Most of the staff at Sistah Space are volunteers concerned with a cause of domestic abuse. THeir devote their time and resources helping those in need of support.

Our team

Ngozi Fulani


Ngozi is the founder member of Sistah Space & is the senior member of staff in charge of day to day running. Ngozi qualified as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) & an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA). Ngozi handles all the case studies and one to one surgeries.

Management Committee Members / Trustees:

Yvonne Roberts


Aaron Tanice


Cynthia Oliver


Carrise Forde


Maxine Clay

Trustee/Survivor Dolls & Muffins

Adeline Brade/Sis Jo


Wendella B.

Community member/Volunteer


Community Volunteer in charge of fundraising.

Sistah Space are proud members of Hackney Women's Haven, a partnership funded by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF)
  • Claudia Jones Organisation (Lead Organisation)
  • CHackney CVS
  • CHaha Trust
  • CRise Community Action
  • CHackney Women's Forum

External support:

Hackney CVS (Support)
Carrise Forde (Sistah Space Ambassador)
Djan Headley (Sistah Space youth Ambassador & workshop volunteer)
Hugh Brown (Transport)
Izabela Jelonek (Web design/media)
Rosanna Muatta (occasional fundraising)
Yvonne Williams (Management Commitee Member & Finance Volunteer)

In loving memory of Valerie Forde & baby Real-Jahzara