We provide advice to victims of abuse and their families.

We provide support and advice to victims of domestic abuse and their family and friends. We offer guidance to everyone, regardless their gender and ethnicity.

Coming to Sistah Space for help

If you suddenly find yourself in a domestic abuse situation, it is difficult to know where to start, who to turn to or trust. There are so many organisations and things to consider, including choices that will effect not only you, but your children and other family members, your work, the children's education and so on. Come and talk to us. We can offer advice on:

We may be able to offer you advocacy and advice on practical matters or just offer you somebody to talk to

We are also part of the Hackney Women's Haven partnership, with 5 other partners who also have their specialist areas of expertise (example, Female Genital Mutilation FGM) which we are happy to refer clients to if they choose.

If need help for yourself or someone close to you contact us.