Welcome to Sistah Space!

Sistah Space is a community based initiative that supports African heritage women and girls.

Founded in October/Novermber 2015, Sistah Space was created to bridge the gap in domestic abuse services for grassroots and all other African heritage women and girls.

We work with our local community and services to raise awareness of domestic and sexual abuse.

Why Sistah Space?

Valerie Forde and her 22-month old daughter were viciously murdered by Valerie's ex-partner (also the baby's father) in 2014. This tragic event, which highlighted the need for an organisation to tackle domestic abuse in African heritage families, was the catalyst for Sistah Space.

Alongside expertise in domestic abuse services, Sistah Space understands the specific needs of African heritage families. This means we can provide a safe space for anyone who is concerned about domestic abuse.

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Picutre of Valerie F.
Valerie Forde and her daughter.


Important information!

As part of a newly funded partnership, Sistah Space will be launching as part of Hackney Women's Haven.

  • Date: 25th of November 2016

    in celebration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

  • Time: 2pm-7pm

Venue: Claudia Jones Organisation, 8 Palatine Road, Stoke Newington N16 8SX

More information to follow shortly.


Thursday evening 7 - 9pm (enrolment and refreshments 6.30pm) with Ms Djanomi
Cost: £5 per hour x 2 hours (sign up for the 6 weeks course and 1 double session is free)


  • use a sewing machine
  • insert a zip
  • pockets
  • hand sewing
  • make a garment.

...and much more.

Brothas welcome.
Please bring your own fabric.
Sorry we can not accommodate young children (under 10 yrs) on the premises during workshops.

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Sistah Space started without any finances at all. It was very hard and we relied heavily on goodwill of our local community and the wider public. We could not have helped so many people without you and we are grateful for your support thus far.

These are ways in which you can support us:


We accept donations which help us furnish Sistah Space and provide our services.

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Sistah Space is run by volunteers. If you have skills to help us please get in touch.

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We run a shop at Sistah Space to raise funds for our work.

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